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April 02, 2008



you and al make a good team.


You're good!


or should I have said you're bad.


Ha ha ha! Good one!

sue Treiber

very believable prank! Poor Al!

Amanda H

Good prank!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Marbles in bed, I'll have to remember that one. ;)

I just caught up on all of your posts. That chair looks like such an awesome thing for Brian! I'm so happy for you that Laura was able to lend it to you. Keep the pictures coming. You're capturing memories. It was nice to see you this weekend, for two minutes! I hope things are getting better around there...

Auntie Barb

Your prank reminds me of the Ray P (as in Dorothy) story. If I remember it right, one night, not even April Fools, after all the kids were in bed for the night, he changed all the clocks, put out the breakfast cereal and got them all up for school. They stumbled down in more than average stupors and started munching bowls of cereal, at what, maybe 11 p.m.? I don't remember the exact details, but you get the drift. I think he was the only one still laughing about it years after. What-a-Ray!


I love how offended he was that you neglected to tell him.
Boys. :)

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