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April 04, 2008



Sounds like a nice little 'fantasy' LOL! Someday in the near future, which will come sooner than you think, you will be thinking 'how did they grow up so fast!' and be wishing for those years back. ?????? HMMMMmmmmmm Or looking forward to grandkids. LOL!


I think that is a capitol idea! Can I come?


I'll come over and help you set it up!


Juicy!! I hear you. These Spring Breaks in the middle of winter are for the birds. Especially when there's fevers in the house. And I don't even have a broken femur to deal with. Lately that's been my hollar. "CUT IT OUT OR YOU'LL BREAK YOU'RE FEMUR!" I hope you don't mind my using your story as an example.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Boy, that sounds like a dream! :)

Look at that little stinker climbing on the fence.

Amanda K.

Ha ha! You dork!!

deB perry

can I join you in the fort? I need a good hideout...

seriously...you are the best mom in the world...

I would propose if I weren't already married. hee hee!

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