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April 01, 2008


Laura K.

I had the same thought this a.m. about April Fool's day. A whole day of it?! So far, nobody has noticed the date, and i am not reminding them!
I wouldn't have advice on how much time you need for your appt. Up here, the hospital is minutes away.
Hope it all goes smoothly for you!


so glad to hear that B. is smiling. so good to hear.
hope your trip goes smoothly. Hugs.


I started it all this morning by saying we'd be having cake for dinner tonight (since the one's that really get into April Fool's were leaving for school), and then April Fooling them...the one that stays home did NOT think that was funny at all. (I might be making some cake today and we might actually have some with dinner (-:) Also, I"m tempted to say you need about 2 1/2 hours to pull everything together and be in the waiting room for the trip to Ann Arbor. Good luck with all that, I feel for you.

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

April Fools Report: I woke first, saw new snow, and told everyone.. They did not believe me... not a one..why don't they trust me, eh? Kids go to school, thank goodness!
Yeah for the smile!
Boo for the 1 1/2 hour prep to the hospital... seems like a lot of work to me.. I guess 1 1/2 hours, wait, lets double that..3 hours.. you have the other 2 kids as well.. they may have their own little sideshows to deal with..


If this is Jodi P.'s new novel about the death row inmate and his delimma, I'm passing on it.
I like the cookie sheet for playdoh making! Now I can get some for the three year old grandson.
Our weather is no better either, in fact it's cold on top of the grey day, BUT at the very least most of the snow has melted w/ all of the rain we had yesterday.


I say go ahead and overestimate. I'd rather be early and have to wait than be late and have to rush. Of course, I'm not the one who has to entertain Brian ;)

sue Treiber

My kids didn't even try to trick me this morning. Whew.
If you would like, I could meet you in AA tomorrow to help you out. It'sno problem. :)

Sharyn (Torm)

I appreciate that Sue, but I think we'll be okay - I'm bringing my eldest to help out. I was worried about Brian riding in the back of the van all by himself on his back. ick.

Jan C.

I don't know about the time to Ann Arbor, but my sister is wheelchair bound, and I would advise you to add in 15 min. on each end for getting his jacket on, loading, unloading, and the like. We always think we are overestimating the time it will take to get to events, and in the end we seem to be rushing to make it on time!

mary bright

There have been many, many, many times that I have been thankful that my oldest wasn't a twin. He's more of a handful than my twins put together.

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