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April 03, 2008


Laura Kangas

Those must not have been invented back in 2000. :) or probably just never made it to the U.P.


Okay, back in the DARK AGES when I was a child with a broken femus and in a similar cast(mid '80s), I just laid on a pallet in the back of my parents' pickup (with a camper shell) or station wagon. Hmmm. It was much cheaper, but I'm sure terribly dangerous. Times have changed!


I say appeal over and over and over again to the insurance company so they finally get sick of denying you and will cover it. This has worked for others (including us).

sue Treiber

that is a very interesting contraption.
Your doctor is cheesing me off too. I would sit down and come up with 4 pages worth of questions to ask this person, and refuse to leave until they were answered.


Ugh! Seriously? Gillette Children's Hospital (where two of my daughters still go) was nice enough to loan us special carseats. As if you don't have enough expense with all of this! I feel your pain.


hmmmmmmmmmmmm what would the hospital of done if you could not afford or would not buy the carseat? Keep Brian? Makes you wonder...................................

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