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April 23, 2008



Hooray!!! Have a fantastic day!


Good luck today! You've all been in my thoughts and prayers, and I'm excited for all of you!


Oh come on. Just ONE tutu photo before the removal? He's begging for it! :D

I hope the hospital time isn't torturous... I don't envy you that one bit.

But a quick story -- Bob is a nervous nelly around here whenever it comes to the boys jumping and playing. Always. And I'm the one to say, "they're boys! Broken bones come with the territory. Let them play" Well, after hearing of Brian's episode, now he's even WORSE. He's often commenting things like, "Do you want to end up like your cousin Brian??"

So Brian's a bit of a star and role model around here. ;)

Life's gonna feel so easy after this, huh!!


You know he's getting better if he's up and standing. I hope all goes well today.


good luck today!

sue Treiber

I'll be thinking of the two of you and hoping for the best!
I bet he can't wait to dive into the sandbox!


Good Luck! Our thoughts are with you.

Tracy Whitney

best wishes for cast removal day! I love the pic. of his pose in "arabesque."

Amanda K.

Hurray! And good luck with the recovering process here. It might be a little while before he's able to just walk around. Paul's niece broke her leg twice, it took her weeks to actually step on that leg. She would always limp, I think she would be about the same age. But you are one step closer!! Good luck!!


I actually had a dream last night that I met Brian and asked him if he was excited to get his cast off! LOL. Hope everything goes smoothly!


Sharyn, I hope everything goes smoothly today and Brian is on the quick road to complete recovery!

Kim Kesti

Good luck! Thinking of you today!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I hope everything goes well today. Best of luck in the hospital room. I'll be thinking of you. Here's to a speedy recovery from here on out!!! You need both need it.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I can't talk this morning! 'You both need it.' Hope everything gets better from here.


thinking of you guys today...hope it's going well!


Hope all goes well...just a warning, he might get a little lightheaded when the cast comes off and the leg moves for the first time. Speaking from experience.


Happy day Sharyn! Hope everything goes well.


What a relief! I hope all is well. Yeah! No more spica!!!!! I hope dry skin doesn't gross you out- there will be plenty hiding under the cast.


Oh Sharyn!! I am so happy to hear that his time has finally come. I hope it all goes as good as it can. Hugs from us. ~Brita


Hope everything went great down there. He'll be up and walking in no time I'm sure. Thinking of you all today!


Woohoo! Goodbye cast!


Brian's going to be SO HAPPY to have that cast off. I'm feeling such relief for you too, letting that stress go! Oh, happy day! :)

Amy L

Yay. I hope that all went well. Our boys have been following the stories, and pictures and lots of reminders from me to be careful so that they do not end up in a cast.
Today Dean was standing on the wooden rocking chair being goofy, and slipped, and all I could think was oh-no, I'm next... But he didn't fall all the way, so no trip to the drs.
I am glad that this healing process is passing for you, and soon he will be back to his normal happy self.

Anna Beth

Am I the only one checking back one last time tonight to see how this went? Oh well, bed time for me. I will be back in the morning!!

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