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April 26, 2008



I feel your pain. : )


Oh yeah... That was a bad move on his part. You'd think after 4 kids this would have been ingrained in his brain.

Sharyn (Torm)

you'd think.


Suddenly have somewhere you have to be at 1pm...no kids.."Oops Pa, I guess you'll have to take them all to the pool!"


I agree with Sue!
Dad's they are clueless sometimes aren't they.

Alana M

The difference between moms (who spend all the time with the kids) versus the dads (weekends only). So true.


i could have written this post, exchanging the names and the subject for grams and papa's house. *sigh*

sue Treiber

This happens quite frequently at my house too, except i am both people.
I am learning to keep my mouth shut though. It's just way less painful if I do.


I hate that! I don't tell them anything until we are out the door and on our way. It's just easier.

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Here's an idea....

Have Brian leave voice msgs for PA on his cell phone... I wanna go to the pool now... repeat...

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Sounds way too familiar!



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