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April 03, 2008


Jan C.

It'll all work out, Sharyn. One way or another, Brian is going to be up and running this summer, and he'll be fine. You're probably right that he's going to need some PT to get his leg muscles back in shape. Maybe they just don't want to bombard you with too much information at once.

I really hate it when doctors ignore the need to answer questions and reassure people, though. Don't they realize that when they rush through an appointment they give the impression that they don't care and/or don't have the answers. I am like you and feel wary, like I have to come home and double-check everything I've heard to make sure it wasn't just a party line given to get the doctor out of the room faster!

Anna Beth

Hugs to you! I would have gone ballistic. Well, probably not, but I would have in my mind!!

Laura Kangas

When Kaden's cast came off, there was no smell that they warned us of.(I know - gross) Lots and lots of flaking skin and one skinny leg. He was so excited to walk out of there, that he was in tears when he insisted on trying and realized that he had one rubber leg. Then he got to freaked and nervous to try again. It didn't take long. Hours maybe. Nothing stops him, and he was walking proudly. He didn't need therapy, as his own running around with his brothers was enough.

Kelly Rakow

After Andrew got his spica cast off, he was in physical therapy for about 6 weeks. Immediately after it came off, his legs were basically dead weight. It was very anti climatic to get it off - not what I was expecting at all. But in time, he will be running around again!!

Alana M

I can't remember how Sara felt and what she did after she got her arm and leg casts off. I think she had a soft cast for another 4 weeks. I'll have to ask her. I have blocked most of that awful time from my brain - I have the feel you might too.. =-}

Callie Ann

my thought is sometimes the medical world plan and simple pisses me off.. they act we went to school along side them and know exactly what they are thinking... 4 weeks, 3 weeks,, hey wait a minute.. I would be a mess. What works with the docs vacation time... Errr. I so feel your frustration.. I guess the only thing left is to find other peeps that have been through this and go off of the knowledge.. I feel your frustration..

on another note I have noticed this dot,dot, dot thing I am doing.. It's weird.. Guess I hate grammer and don't want to make a proper sentence. I have no idea. It's is weird though don't ya think?

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

I don't like your Doctor.. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking she sucks in the whole bed side manner arena... She needs to sit her busy rear down in front of you and have a decent conversation eye to eye.. You are paying her after all... For crying out loud.. how about a Q&A session? I recommend you call her office and schedule a meeting one on one in her office to have a grown up conversation...just the two of you.. no kidlets.. go with your questions ready... I don't think she is a mom either..


It sounds like you have the same Dr. we did with Rodney there...didn't care much for her, personality was equal to cardboard. The age factor is considered because of their activity level...a 3 year old is bound to be less cautious (they forget soon what they went through) and the risk of reinjury is higher.

Moriah Bettencourt

As a mom who has dealt with more than my share of Dr's eyeing my kid with that skeptical look... let me tell you: THEY WORK FOR YOU (oops, sorry for screaming). Seriously, when I do not like one, I fire them (ask Lisa). I annoy them to no end with my questions & I make darn sure that they know that this is my kid & I will not be pacified... I will be part of the decision. LOL For the most part we have an awesome team for Alex but every once in awhile I'll get someone who *thinks* they run the show but that is usually over pretty quick because I do not stand for it. LOL


I agree the last comment. Fire your Doctor! We had a wonderful specialist in MN. Loved him then, love him now. When we moved 24 hours away, I started going to a new specialist. Who I fired. I now have to fly to MN or drive 24 hours, but it's worth it for a Dr. who cares and/or knows what he is talking about. But, I may be slightly crazy and/or anal about my kids hips. (I'm avoiding another spica at all costs. Literally.)
Yes, be prepared for a really dry, skinny leg that needs lots of therapy. Multiple times a day. It doesn't last too long. Water rehab works the best.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

So frustrating to get a doctor who has 'no time for you'... I hope you can get your answers from others. I agree with all of these other comments. It's so frustrating to get someone who bustles in and out without so much as a minute to reassure you, or answer any of your questions... I still haven't found a (regular med.) doc. here in Minnesota, two years later, that I absolutely love, and feel like I 'click' with.

Emily Dennis

Hi Sharon,

I broke my tibula and fibula completely through when I was 14. Surprisingly they didn't pin me and I wore a cast to the top of my leg for 6 months. The x-rays never looked straight and there was always a bump, in fact I can still feel the bump on my leg now.

After 6 months they put a cast to my knee for a few more months. Then I ended up with a walking cast for a few months. I imagine Brian will have some sort of removable support cast.

I never did physical therapy, in fact it was never even suggested (at least that I remember). I didn't need it but now that I work in therapy and we get these kind of injuries all the time I'm surprised I didn't have it.

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