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April 07, 2008


Jan C.

Good thing you asked the guy how the wheelchair reclined and didn't just say to yourself, "I'll figure it out when I get home."

Ashley Harris

Oh man! What a reclining wheel chair deal! So glad you got sleep, here's to many more nights of sleep!

Auntie Barb

Shoot. I don't check out blogs as often as I'd like. Missed the auction. This grammie would have out-bid the older grammie in a New York minute. I especially like the hair on this old buck. He has more than most guys his age, so I suppose he takes pride in arranging it. Email me next time somebody goes on the auction block.

sue Treiber

When my stepdad needed a wheelchair this past winter my mom had to go thru a whole rigamrole to get the right one as well. She ended up with one she couldn't lift at all. Time to get smart, health care peoples!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Glad to hear you got some sleep!

Snow... Two feet yesterday, and almost half of it melted today. It's looking good!

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