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May 13, 2008


sue Treiber

Wendy looks so much older in that photo. Maybe it's because I have seen all three boys but never Miss W.
They are growing too fast.


You do have beautiful children.

Jan C.

Your description of Allan reminds me a bit of my son Sean. I lost count of how many times he could have had a wonderful grade in some class, except for 2-3 zeroes due to homework he did, but didn't turn in. Sometimes it was like prison around here trying to get him to finish homework or study for a test. The good news is--in case it gives you some hope--Sean graduated from the police academy on Saturday and worked his first shift last night. In his college classes, he does just fine. It just took a long time for his interests and talents and motivation to gel!

As for Wendy, were you trying to suggest that her nickname is Airhead?


Airhead! hahahahhahahahahah! I think you just coined it!

Anna Beth

Wow! They are growing up fast. We have a Woody doll-from the movie Toy Story- He says Yeehaw! Cowboy! Hmm.. who knows. Just so you know, my kids had a much worse terrible three than two ever was-moody, whiny, everything has to be perfect-sort of attitude. Four is coming for us, so it is getting better fast, but I think threes are so much worse than twos. Plus you are adding in the cast things- well, I don;t envy you!

I also get surprised at how big my kids are too.


woweeeeee......i wanna see what Al's working on. looks like it needs to be put in a frame and find a home on the wall. :o) will you share when he's done?


I wish I'd done something like this on a regular basis when my children are little. You have a great verbal snapshot to go along with their photo to record exactly what they were like. And man, are they growing up!


I loved reading this. THanks for sharing these sweet updates on the kiddos. Wendy reminds me so much of me as a child.....watch out, you may have a performer on your hands!

Moriah Bettencourt

This post totally struck me, I love it because it reminds me of my family. I am the youngest of 4, each of us is totally different especially now that we are adults. I wonder if my mom ever thought about it like that, I wish she had wrote it down... damn I really wished she would have schrapbooked! LOL

cori in wa

Very fun and delightful update. Your children are much like mine.... four different points on the compass. How the heck did they all come from te same parents? They are darling and as you well know, you are very, very lucky :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Cute post. :)


This is so cute.
I wish my mom took pictures like you when I was younger. :]


Fabulous update!!
SO cool to get caught up on the kiddos.
Wendy's "A" bag story is a layout just waiting to be scrapped.


Oh Markie! That is so funny, what a stinker, taking his big brother's toys!


I, too, really enjoyed this post, Sharyn. My heart swells with love for your kids. Alan is going to really go places with his creative talents. You are a good mom, when you focus on the good, with praise, rather than criticizing the negative. I feel like I SO failed in this department (praise). They all have something to give.

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