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June 03, 2008



I thought I remembered a dry cleaners in that building and that they lived there. Me and my mom made our rounds around town...we must have passed the days away visiting every shop owner around, from Johnson's Clothing to the hardware store to Quality's and Tebor's to Leo's Drugs and the post office and then on to the bigger town next door. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember our neighbor Bill taught me how to ride my bike.

sue Treiber

great memories, thanks for sharing!
I would love to sneak into your yard while you skip rope. I imagine you quietly whispering the words with each hop.


Awww... that made tears well up. :)


Laura K.

Howard was one of a kind for sure! I can still hear his laugh...When we were young, and Howard was sleeping on his couch, his Kevin snuck up with a trumpet, and blasted a few notes. We thought Kevin was dead meat, and couldn't believe his bravery. Howard lept off of the couch....and laughed and laughed. We couldn't believe our eyes!It was just a few days ago, June 1st of '93 that he died if i remember correctly.


How touching...he was a great guy. ~Brita

Heather V

Not many people know what kick the can is!!! Darn fun game!! Thanks for sharing the story!


What a nice story about Howard.


Just imagine how many people have smiles on their faces today, remembering Howard. I'm sure he never had an enemy. My memories are along the lines of scribbles on my school notebooks that read B.E. + H.P. We were too young for dating, but had crushes. Once he bought me a mustard seed (encased in glass, or probably plastic) necklace at a dime store at Northland Shopping Center. WOW, AM I ANCIENT, OR WHAT!! Thanks for jogging my memory.


What a touching tribute, Torm. Sounds like he was one in a million (or maybe 2 in a million since Al reminds you of him). : )

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