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July 03, 2008


sue Treiber

he's hot!
I just couldn't help myself!
Have a great holiday weekend :)


I can totally see how it'd be slow to make it through the laundry cycle. I mean, you have to wait until something else with those colors comes through to wash it special. You don't want to ruin the coloring on it by washing it with just anything. Heh.


If it's in the bottom of the laundry bag the next time you head this way, that's fine with me.


I'm laughing like crazy---my youngest son has that same shirt!!

Sharyn (Torm)

I'm LOL because I knew I was taking a risk with this one.
But I knew that most of my readers that know me, know how generic I am - I like things solid and plain, so for me, this shirt is WHEW!
My son, however, doesn't share my style sense. hahahhahahahahaha! I'm a little worried that he may have inherited my brothers need for occasional flair.


Oh, I have bunches of stuff for you again. Thanks for reminding me!

And, we've just found some great hand-me-downs for Emily, too - hard to find them for the oldest ones, isn't it? :)


I think that shirt is back in style Sharyn now - go with the flow, he looks happy! LOL (and yeah if it was me, I would have probably "lost" the shirt in a washer machine tragedy :-P :-P)

You've been tagged via my blog btw!

Tonja Trump

I love that shirt..he looks good in it! You are so funny, I swear you crack me up everyday!! There is something wrong with that girl in a booster tho..I agree!!

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