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August 29, 2008


debbie hodge

thanks for making me smile. great lunchbox!

Deb Wisker

I have the exact same lunch box! But it's blue and it says LL Bean on it and it doesn't have a water bottle..but it's EXACTLY the same.

Mary Rogers

me too! me too! well Madison actually, but hers is square like wendy's bestest friend and doesn't have the water bottle, but it is purple!!!

gotta love the excitement related to the First day of School!

cori in wa

LOL. Torm, I think you are a great momma and much as I love you I decidedly do NOT have the same lunch box. Nor do my kids. In fact, my darling girls would be HORRIFIED at the mere suggestion of a lunch box. And mine? A bit plain and conservative, just like me. But Wendys is absolutely PERFECT for her and that's what it's all about :)


haha! We saw that one at Target, but our school doesn't allow camouflage. LOL!

sue Treiber

truly, yes we do have practically the same lunchbox. Emma's shape is more like a purse though. In fact, it may be in the bag for Wendy!

Tonja Trump

We don't have the same lunchbox..but the camo print is popular here with the girls and Erik!! Love the new haircut too! (I can see you've lost weight in your face!)


Oh my gosh, I am totally giggling. Thanks for the smile on an otherwise "blah" day.

Kirsten Drew

We don't have it, we are looking for a new one. And DD (5) just stood beside me and said, hands on hips, "see, Mom, *that's* what we're looking for!"

Kathryn Reynolds

I was at work today (Target) and someone came through my line with a pink one. I thought of you.


My daughter picked the exact same lunch box! Well it is pink...but it has the water bottle and its the same shape!!! TARGET?!?!?

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