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August 29, 2008



Wow - that's a great looking game you made! Makes me want to go on a trip with you so I can play too.


you, my friend, are beautiful! i can't get over how BLUE your eyes are. and you seriously could NEVER, ever deny wendy. she's your mini-me....for sure. your lists are such a great glimpse of life. *fingers crossed that the bug decided to take up residence on someone else's doorstep today*

Jan Connair

Lookin' good, girlfriend!

I think your Mondays are my Fridays. So far today, I've mixed up choc. chip cookies and a double batch of snickerdoodles, done two loads of laundry, and worked for 3 hours in the HS bookstore. Now I'm scarfing down leftover pizza so I can get baking. Also need to make two coffeecakes and possibly some lemon bars, because we have two separate out-of-town parties to go to this weekend. Oh, and I need to make a grocery run. Want me to pick anything up for you? Email you a gallon of milk?


LOVE the haircut!!!!!! Perfect on you, for you and well, it is you!!!!! Great job my dear and thanks for the photo :)


I wish you could hear me squealing over those absolutely, positively rad'icious Bingo cards of your's. Clever, clever, clever.


So good to finally see who you are! :) You do have pretty eyes and Wendy's are just like yours! Love the haircut and the bingo cards. Did I cover everything that I wanted to cover?

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Nice haircut, and picture!

I was getting a bang out of all the comments about where you were standing for that picture (post below).

Where do you get a laminator? I've looked for one before, but couldn't find one. Truthfully, I probably only looked at W*l-M*rt.

Mind you, I live in such a booming metropolis and all...

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