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August 27, 2008



Wendy's new do looks lovely!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Wendy's antics are killin' me. That is hilarious, and I was definitely laughing out loud at that one!

I always wish I were more brave in public places to snap pictures... Awesome that you did.


Oh my. Wouldn't you have rather wendy heard that somewhere instead of coming up with that on her own.


love the hair salon pics! i did the same not too long ago. there's a great story to go with mine........just trying to work up the nerve to get it on a layout. my hair dresser is the same one my mom went to.

Amanda K.

Wendy Wendy, too funny!

sue Treiber

that girl of yours is a riot!


We want to see your haircut too, you know!

Auntie Barb

Wendy. She gets that from Grace!! Spontaneous & fun loving. Yes, we want to see your haircut. But no, really, we want to see the expression!


Yes, please show the picture! LOL Thanks for the laugh.


that is hilarious!

Deb Wisker

OK, where's the pic of your haircut?? C'mon! Cough it up!! You probably look just like the rest of us overwhelmed very busy sleep deprived budget driven parents!


Say hi to Wendy, she is cute:)
Anna also had her "first haircut" this summer.

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