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August 28, 2008



al's not even eating honeycomb.....i'm not sure that gives him honeycomb box rights....i have to go read the "breakfast table cereal box rules of 1954" to makes sure....


p.s. great shot btw!

Sharyn (Torm)


He's not even EATING Honeycombs! I didn't even notice this. So what THIS means is that Wendy SET the box on the table and then went to get her bowl and spoon and in that short time, Allan figured he'd gotten squatters rights over the box. It's even more ridiculous than I originally thought!

Kids for rent. Cheap.


This would be funny if it didn't sound so familiar. LOL!! And I only have 2 that fight over the box.

Julie L.

that's what our breakfast table looks like in the morning..


Thanks for the morning laugh, Sharyn...sadly this reminds me of when my brother and I were little...what is it about reading at the breakfast table anyway? I still do that...

sue Treiber

I never noticed a harness contraption hanging from your ceiling before.
HOW did you get that shot?
I have containers from IKEA that the cereal goes in. NO boxes.
It's all very funny though. At your house ;)

make art every day

oh, i used to love to read the cereal box in the morning. now margret does the same. audrey's going to learn to read this year, so i guess i'll have to get out another box. thank goodness for the grocery game!


hahahahaaa. "o for the love of pete" about made me fall out of my chair i'm laughing so hard.

carol :)

What are you doing at my breakfast table anyway???!!! Seriously, my kids do the EXACT same thing!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

You're brilliant, was my first thought, and then my next thought was to die laughing over the 'Oh for the love of pete' comment!


Yeah, how DID you get that shot? And how do you keep enough wits about you to get the camera?

janet o

I have to copy this. NOW.
(I already use your idea of pouring the cereal through the colander when it's getting down to crumbs)


ROFL!! Awesome shot! :-)


You are standing on your table, aren't you? :)
I love how you turn the mundane things into interesting stories. You are really good at that.

Anne H

To tell you the truth, I was trying to imagine a picture of YOU taking this picture. Were you balancing on the corner of the table or what? I have a feeling THAT would have been another picture we would have enjoyed!


I too am wondering what high high perch you were on. Yikes!

Tonja Trump

Oh MYLANTA! Tooooo FUNNY this one is....'tis why we buy the cereal in a bag! Please tell me you are on a chair...lmao!!

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