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September 21, 2008



Congrats Torm! That's just great, and they're lucky to have you.

Hope that shoulder gets better, but if it doesn't, I can tell you all about what to expect if you need to get it fixed. ;-) Be kind to yourself but don't wait too long like I did!

Amanda J.

My favorite vacations have all been to Walt Disney World. We're headed back in about two weeks and I can't wait!

Congratulations on your new gig. I hope you have a blast!



Very exciting new adventures await you. Very cool! Even though I am a lurker (and a fellow Michigander, I live in St. Charles) I can't express how exciting your good news must be for you.


Favorite vacation: Charm, Ohio to tour and visit Amish life. It was amazing! Fabulous food, shopping, and experience. Would do it again in a second.



Congrats, I think you will be an awesome teacher, and I love Debbies site too.
My favourite place to go, well it's hard to pick but Italy springs to mind, and of course (because I can't pick just one) Fiji is probably my favourite place in the whole world.

Lisa Damrosch

CONGRATS Tormie!! Teaching in your jammies is the best!! HAVE FUN!

carol :)

Super cool! I'm gonna have to check out some classes. I WANT to scrap, but I'm just not feeling it right now. Hope your shoulder gets better quick!

Tonja Trump

Congratulations Torm! I can't wait to see what you'll be teaching..I'd take whatever class you teach..just cause you're so fun and I know I'd learn something!


Can't wait to see what you're going to teach!

My favorite vacation was Europe for sure. My recent trip to Disney would come in second though.


just wanted to say CONGRATS torm! totally well-deserved---you'll do great!

Amy L

Congrats! Are these classes online? so that those of us way in the sticks can take them too? I have some books started, but I am so behind I do not even know where to start.
Favorite vaca.... our Scandinavian tour with my parents when they came to visit us in Norway. We saw: Karl & Doris (and others), Rovaneimi, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Flam, Myrdal, and back to Trondheim (with everything in between).

Mary Rogers

congrats to you Sharyn! I would be what ever you put together it will be fabulous!! Debbie is lucky to have you.

Mary Rogers

I obviously didn't get much sleep last night - what the heck did I write...

suppose to read - I bet whatever you put together it will be fabulous

: (

TIna Rhodes

I can't wait to see what you will be doing! You inspire me daily! My favorite vacation spot is actually only a couple hours from our home but we absolutely love South Haven, MI. Love, love, love it!!!


That would be cool -- I'd love to take a class from you. And Debbie's class sounds good too, so I will throw my name in the hat. :) My favorite vacation, eh? Probably a toss-up between Newfoundland and our Caribbean cruise. :)



Congrats on your new ventures. I'll be looking for your classes. I'd love a free pass to Debbie's upcoming class. My favorite vacation would have to be Hawaii.

miss h

Congrats on the getting into teaching again. My favorite vacation: today I'll say Maui (might have a different answer tomorrow...).


Oh, wow, that is wonderful! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve. I am taking Pattie's class right now and have to say it's my first at Get It Scrapped! Loving it!

And my favorite vacations are the ones with my family (every single one of them)!


WOW---you are going to be a great teacher, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve. My favorite vacation was a cruise that I took with my husband....the only time in my life where I totally relaxed, no internet, no phone, no cooking.

Andi M

I'm really excited about you teaching in the near future. Debbie always offers the best classes.

My favorite vacation was probably my honeymoon in Hawaii.



My favorite trips have been to the Carribean! I just love it!

Sheri A.

Congrats on the teaching; sounds fun.

My family took a vacation to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Death Valley in May. Our first vacation in 8 years and the kids first plane ride. It was wonderful. With the economy the way it is, we may have to wait another eight years before we take another one! It's a good thing my favorite vacations are spent right in my back yard.


Wonderfullllll.... Well I just took a Vacation to Rhode Island with 6 other bloggers we had never met eachother until this vacation..... I opened my mouth and said I would make 6 scrapbooks.... stupid I know... anyhow I could really use that pass.... begging pleading... acting a fool... please let my name be drawn... I know pathetic.. :)


That would be great!! I'm going to Mexico in Nov. that would be a fun project to scrap!!


Amy Harle

Congrats on the teaching gig!!! My favorite vacation was our honeymoon - we went to Switerland and had a fabulous time exploring the mountains and valleys. Sooo beautiful!!!


Congrats Torm! You will be great....


my fav was traveling in europe in the 70's lots of history and fun. also anywhere in the usa that we are able to visit.
Thanks for always making my day brighter by reading your blog. very calming (yes calming lol)

Jan Connair (Magpie)

Hi Sharyn, my power was out from Sunday Sept 14 through last night at 8:30 p.m., if you can believe that! So today I am hacked into a neighbor's wireless connection and am catching up on what's happening in Tormville. Hope it's not too late to get in on the drawing.

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