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September 25, 2008


Tonja Trump

That's awesome! How do you maintain all that energy? You rock girl!!


Wow, this is great! The one of the boys in the stroller: that Markie is going to break some hearts some day. The one of Wendy doing dishes: I love how much her expression tells. I love the thermometer and newspaper. And my kids have the 1/2 hr rule too!


Oh! And at first I thought the garage was your's! I was like, 'Whoa, clean garage!'

And Eddie thinks the guy on the boom of the cement truck is Uncle Jon. :)


what a cool idea...and after seeing all of those, I managed to drag the camera out to take a picture of Otto reading Aina a morning story.

Jan Connair (Magpie)

Thoroughly enjoyed catching a glimpse of "A Day in Tormville." Wendy's dishwashing face is a classic--tell her other people make their kids do the dishes too (like me), so she doesn't have to feel like she's the only one with mean parents!

sue Treiber

I love the story of your day. The photos are great glimpses. I especially love Mark in the blinds.My kids used to get this way at jammie time too!


Great shots Sharyn. I love the clothesline one.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I love that picture, way up near the top there, with Mark and Brian. That is so cute. And, Markie behind the blinds - I'm glad to know my kid's aren't the only ones who alway get all hyped up just before bedtime.


this is the coolest post EVER!


I'm catching up slow but sure ~ love the 25 shots on the 25th theme.

Amy L

I totally remember having homework like the paper that Alan was working the coordinates that make a picture - I must not be that old! Thanks for sharing your day.

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