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September 20, 2008



Hysterical!! Glad to see some one else is up fooling around with the computer on a Saturday night too.


that is funny. very funny.

Karen Greenfield

I think you and Allan ought to start an etsy shop full of * * rocks. I'd bet real money, they'd sell for more than 15 cents! The perfect stocking stuffer, etc. love, Karen because everyone needs a little * * in their life.....


I need me a rock like that.
Beyond funny.


heh! hope things go more smoothly tomorrow .......


BWAHHHHAAAAHHH!!! You made me laugh so hard I'm still crying!!

Who says you have to have class to have a good laugh? :-)

Kelley Popp

Now that's some funny s__t! thanks for the laugh this a.m. I needed it.

Tonja Trump

I love it. That is comical as, what the rock said. Heh. I might have to go find me a rock to paint now. Thanks for THAT inspiration! LOL!!


What?! I thought I was reading Ashley's blog for a minute!! ROFL!!!

That is totally hysterical!!!!!


you are too funny!! Love it!

Lisa L.

LMAO!!!!too funny...

Emily Murray

too funny!

sue Treiber

I have a million rocks at my disposal
and lots of paint too.
I see some s&@t in my future!


OMG! Too funny! You are gonna have some serious fun with that one!


now that is some funny


hey - remember my green smoothie photos. Those work like a charm for clearing out the pipes. Mix a banana, fruit, some kale or spinach or chard, and a little water - drink - and wait an hour or two.


doggone it, I forgot about comments stripping out what they think is html.

what I said was

"now that is some funny _insert photo of rock_"



Ha! That's funny! I wonder who painted that rock like that? That was what was on our plate last night too, as my little babe hadn't gone poopie in a week (poor thing), so it was off to the store to buy an enema for her (it worked!).


LOL!! Awesome find! Thanks for the laff!


haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have no class where i come from either . . . love this. :D


Um, I love it.

kelly goree

oh sharyn...how i've missed you. I need to check in here more often~


~ Junkyard Jennifer

You are way.too.funny! That's the best!

With two little um.... kid's fighting by my side, I so needed this chuckle right now. :)


you had me rolling with that one.

Auntie Barb

Wow, 23 comments so far on that one. You gave us all a laff for the day! Your running commentary along with the multiple pictures was wonderful. I agree, you should scrap some and make a bundle. $$$


thanks for the giggle.... i need one of those rocks...but you have to wonder what was the motivation behind the person who made it?

Auntie Barb

Motivation? I'm thinking she was painting daisies on rocks for about 10 hours for a craft show and was suffering severe burn out.

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