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September 25, 2008


Mary Rogers

the weather has been beautiful up here sharyn! enjoying the last of it this week I bet...the trees are just starting to turn color and you can smell fall in the air...

we had soooooo many tomatoes, I ended up giving some away. We also planted green beans, green peppers and radishes!

Betsey Cline

Here in Northern Ca the weather has gotten mild... mid 80s in the day, low 60s at night. It's absolutely my favorite time of year.

Have you tried Google Reader? It is an amazing way to see all the blogs you follow and if they have been updated on one page! Without clicking thru each one... that said Torm - would you please check your settings to allow people to subscribe to your blog feed? Then I could see it on Google Reader.. Ali said it is just a button you click in settings.


that looks like my neighbor's tomatoes. Months later, they're almost all green as can be, with only two having hints of red. I tried to convince him to make a green tomato pie (is there such a thing?) but no luck.

fall is here in Oregon - I am loving it. The trees are rapidly turning!

Deb Wisker

We hardly got any tomatoes this year either! A groundhog ate the flowers off of the eggplant where he could reach them and we only yielded 2 eggplant. We got 3 watermelons that are a little bigger than footballs and they were actually ripe when I cut them open yesterday! Next year I take over the garden for sure!


The weather here (30 minutes south of you (-:) is gorgeous! Your late to ripen tomatoes are par for the course for many people in our area this year. I'm sure our wacky weather (cold late into summer, really wet, then no rain for a month) played a big role. I'm anxious to here how the garbage can compost worked because I really want to try that.

sue Treiber

I still have tons of green tomatoes. C'est la vie!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Unless it's junk shopping, I'd much rather do it on-line too. Although, I haven't done much of that lately either. I should - my kids are all in dire need of new duds - time to check out the clearances. Good luck with your errands!

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