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October 01, 2008



oh - I hate to laugh because it sounds like you're having a rough day, but it sounds terribly funny from the outside. I hope it's over soon and you're at your destination.

sue Treiber

yeah, those sound pretty familiar.
My fave is 'please don't step on your brother' :)


Good Luck! 'Specially on the second bullet from the end. (-:

Jan Connair

My favorite was the line about only 3 prs of underwear in the wash. I've said something similar to every one of my kids over the years. It's like when they turn about 8, suddenly they can't be bothered to put fresh underwear and socks on. What's that all about, anyway?

Hope you make it out the door without needing any Excedrin!


please forgive me.......while i laugh hysterically. hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa! i can soooooo relate! this needs to go down in the Tormville Classics. i hope your evening goes smoother.

Amy L

So... Did you get out the door? Good luck on that trip, such a fun start.

Karen Greenfield

I think my best moment was about 8 years back trying to get ready to get out of the house at 7:30 am and we were lateaccording to the huz ..two kids then 11 and 15 were on the sofa with the TV on..I am yelling at them: "you two are ****** useless!!!" husband is yelling at me: "You always pack too much..it won't go in the car.." and the 11 yo says calmly: "Mom, would you move and stop yelling? I can't see or hear the TV.." And that's all I remember. Except the 11 yo is 19 now and still alive.


love it.....deep breaths.....

Alana M

Wendy sounds like Calvin. Last time it was 8 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of shorts, but only 3 pairs of underwear.

Mary Bright

LOL sounds like my house on any given day. I'm often glad that we live in the country because there's only one neighbor within earshot.


Have a fun safe trip. You will feel much better when your finally in the car and on your way. Deep breathes.


and this is all in a two hour time period, right?

I can totally relate! Everytime we get ready to go somewhere, I wonder why we even bother! Once we're on the road though, all is usually well.

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