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November 17, 2008



That's beautiful, Sharyn.


Thank you Sharyn, for sharing that with us. Makes me think about the pews I have sat at throughout my life. You are so gifted at expressing through words.


Very touching.......thanks.


so beautiful, the words that flow from your noggin'.

Kelley Popp

Thanks for sharing this Sharyn. I've recently found my way back to my faith and this reaffirms why I am so at peace being there.

Michelle F

written so perfectly...what talent you have!


thanks for sharing....I can relate


Do I have permission to copy down, just for my own keeping?



Andi M

Wow! So heartful and touching...That's exactly how I feel about my church.

Deb Wisker

Beautiful Torm. TFS!

Brandi in OH

Thanks for sharing another one of your many talents. I can tell it's from your heart and soul, very touching.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Wow... You put into words so many of my own feelings. Very nicely said...

Jen H.

Thank you! I really needed to read this, as I was just hollering at my children at the end of a long day...



Auntie Barb

I'm behind in blog reading, so just found this today. It tied my heart in a knot & brought tears. Thanks for sharing.

Heidi L

Your poem is absolutely beautiful! I am glad that I scrolled down the page far enough to read it. Thanks for sharing! Heidi

Sarah H.

This is so beautiful, so full of feeling!


This is beautiful Sharyn; would make a good bookmark for my bible.

Amy L

Thanks Sharyn. I am glad that someone else has felt some of the very same things sitting in the very same pews.


Beautiful, and expresses many of the things I've felt, sitting in church and looking at the familiar faces around me. I feel so lucky to have that comfort and love and welcoming. Thanks for sharing.

Anna K

I teared up, got a lump in my throat and smiled at different places, as it all sounds so familiar. Love it.

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