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November 13, 2008


Kelley Popp

hey how did you score that great deal at Boden? I am looking for good deals this holiday season for Max. He's growing out of all of his shirts this year... sigh

sue Treiber

I love that quilt. Very homey.
who knew we needed fake cake?


I so understand that frustration of losing a post when the computer locks up. I need to figure out how to do them in draft form. That quilt would be lovely in my house. And good luck making headway on all your tasks.


Suh-weet deal on the Boden shirt - do share that one, like Kelley said! ;) And so glad you got the 4th book already - we've got an attack of the bug here in our house and my plans to get out and get some errands run have gone down the toilet...and I knew I had promised it to you while I was out and about if you still needed it. :-P
And I can SO vouch for Julie's photography talent - she got some great captures of everyone, especially Lucas, and that is a FEAT in of itself! :-P


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