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November 06, 2008



It HAS to be a Larson. Janet?


Oh, and we got married in August of 94, perhaps that very weekend. And I don't mean that it might be Janet in the picture, I'm questioning Janet if she knows who it is.


The one in the middle is our Annette. I am thinking the girl in the back may be Ashley P. She is a niece of Janet so that might be the resemblance. Also a cousin to the other three. Karen


Yep, that's got to be Ashley in the back!


you are making me want to dig out the boxes i took from mom's house and sit and have a little reminiscing party with my brother. i've been afraid to do it for fear that the pictures i want to see most are gone forever. lost in the shuffle. *sigh* i love that you've always been a documentor of life stories.

Anne H

My first thought was a Juntilla. Maybe one of Dudz'and Claudia's.


It looks like Eric Riutta...not sure.


I feel bad for this boy, because he has not great distinctive features that say who he is....because I think that it could be Todd Frantti--I can't think of Todd's parents names but I know he has a sister Caroline who graduated in approximately 2003 from high school. And they grew up in Centennial Heights, MI. Sharyn, if you ever find out who the boy is, will you tell me?


Oh total Dudza expression!


Todd Frantti's mother's name is Marcia...can't think of his father's name.


He really looks like a Ri*tta to me (Ben maybe?)...don't quote me on that though.

BTW: Bob and Marcia are Todd F.'s parents, but I don't really think that looks like Todd.


actually..I think I was thinking of one of his younger brothers..but I guess the math doesn't add up with the age...

Auntie Barb

Kant forget Kevin in this post. Ain't he just a GEM?!

Erik Riutta

i think its me in the picture. my brother emailed it to me and i immediately recognized it as being at lake gogebic before reading the caption. Gus Junttila and I used to run around in cowboy hats like that and pretend we were sunny and pepper from the movie city slickers. I was 8 in 1994.

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