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December 17, 2008


sue Treiber

it's things like this that they will always remember, and even pass down to your grandkids!


We never had stockings when I was a kid- we just went and found dad's biggest wool work sock, pinned a piece of paper on it with our name and laid it over the back of the couch.

I don't feel one bit gyped by it either- the story goes that my oldest brother (18 or so years older than me) took a holey sock one year and then put a pot underneath it to catch whatever came out the toe- hoping Santa wouldn't realize why his stocking wasn't filling up : )
traditions are traditions, and they don't have to be conventional!

I'd quit trying to get those last two stockings done, and enjoy the story as it is!


HEY that's actually not a bad idea, my girls don't have stockings either, so i suppose i could just do that. I'm sure they would last longer than the dollar store one's.



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