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February 21, 2009



I looooooove saunas too, especially when I get to jump in the big lake with it, but even without the swim, they are the best!


Our gym has both steam and dry saunas. And I take advantage of them as often as possible. But, alas, I live in America, and there is a strict suit or towel covering requirement in both. :)


Oh, I love, love, love a nice hot sauna! We're hoping to build one here at the house when, hopefully, the tight budget turns around. My favorite is when our Superior shore line (always changes) has the long slabs of stone to lay on and let the water lap over you after taking some steam. Oh, an on a full moon...there's really nothing better...Now, back to watching our six inches of snow falling in 20 degree weather...with NO SAUNA! )-:

Linda J

When I was in elementry school there was a girl in my class that was Finn, and she made a detailed model of a sauna for a class project. She did a fantastic job - I remember it well. I've only taken one sauna, not under the best circumstances - I'd like to try one again sometime.
Hope those nasty germs vacate your home soon. I was down with the flu last week, and thought of you. I was lucky to not have anyone else to take care of - and my DH was great about bringing me ice chips.
Enjoy the snow (I think you are the only one that does - I am soooooooo ready for a sunny spring).


Anytime you feel like a sauna, call and come over. Ours is on most days of the week. I live for my sauna especially these cold winter nights. There's nothing like it.


Ann Bimberg

when i was single,i worked with a cambodian girl i convinced to come over and take a sauna with me, and, after, to jump in a snowbank......hm. haven't talked to her since. coincidence?


I agree with you, there is nothing like a good sauna........BUT the kind that is in our basement is nothing compared to the woodburner that is at our camp on the shores of Lake Superior. NOW THAT STOVE can put off some heat & steam! I'd love to take a good sauna tonight {in a HOT sauna} and jump in all this beautiful snow we are getting.

The flu has gone threw this house too. Including me.


I love the photo, it really captures sauna for sure. The ambiance of sauna. I am not such a sauna freak as my husband, but I like to take them on a really cold night and then stand outside.


A sauna would be relaxing right about now. Ours got to a rip-snortin 45 degrees tonight. Yes, very chilly. I was having more fun visiting Brita and the guys were gone hockey game. Ah well. There's always tomorrow.


do not love saunas, but I love that photo

Tonja Trump

So do you pronounce it "sona" or "sawna"?
I do hope your house is bug free soon too.
Just think, tomorrow is Monday! ;)


When Dan first was introduced to saunas, he thought it odd to go with a bunch of men. lol But, now he is part of a Monday night "sauna club", and looks forward to it every week. Me, growing up with a sauna...I still like to go alone. (the modest in me maybe?!?) But, our dream plan, is to have an outdoor one like ma & dad's. The kids can't wait until that day, when they can jump in the snowbank, lake or a pool after. :) They may be grown & gone before that sauna gets built. ;)


the sauna thing fascinates me!!! being american to the core, i don't think i could handle it. i used to use every excuse in the book not to change in public for gym class. i still don't shower/change at the gym, i go home.

April Oaks

Everyone is going to want a sauna after reading this. Sounds so nice!

Amy L

Well, then come on over - 500+ miles is not that far to drive for a sauna! I LOVE mine, although I am sure that you'd beat me in a steam competition. I took one tonight at Margaret and Aaron's we were there for a snow shoe - such a great way to end the day.
I like your Americanized feelings on the Finnish customs, and I am fine with a pile of ladies in the sauna too. There is something about sauna conversations - but what is said in there stays in there!


I'm just getting over a nasty cold myself and read your post. I'm convinced the few drops of eucalyptus oil in the "throwing water" bucket helped me. I do appreciate that sauna even though it took me so many years to get it (My husband wanted an electric one in the basement and I wanted a wood burning one in the back yard. He's so stubborn that it took me 20 years of arguing about it to get my way!)


Hi Torm,

I haven't been by your blog in ages (somehow it didn't transfer its feed when I switched readers--not that I commented much in the first place), so I'm just catching up.

My husband has a promising job interview in Houghton next week. If he gets the job, I'd love to talk to you about the area! We are westerners through and through, so it would be wonderful to hear from someone who knows.

I was just looking at homes for sale in the area and was surprised by how many include saunas. I had a roommate in college who was of
Finnish descent and talked about it all the time, too. :)

Neil Dalby

I suggest one should swim first before going to sauna and steam rooms. It is for the simple reason of the likelihood of bacteria in the pool, and you can always get it cleaned in steam and sauna thoroughly without even having to use soap (of course, you can use soap if you want to).

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