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February 27, 2009


Susan Beth

That is some pretty cool family history!

Erin Campbell-Pope

Sorry to hear about your family loss Torm. You are very lucky to have these photos. Even more that you have the names and ages of who is in the pictures. What a treasure :)



I picked Tim out too-

Jan Connair

That golden anniversary photo was taken about 12 days after my parents got married (Thanksgiving Day, 1942). When I looked at your photo, I immediately thought about my parents' formal wedding photo, which was taken in a similar studio, in front of lots of heavy drapery, just like this.

Isn't it interesting that they never encouraged people to smile for photos back then? Everyone always looks so very solemn!

Kudos to you for having preserved this memory!


I was once told that the reason for the non-smile photos was actually because of the length of time it took to set up and take a photo - and that it is harder to hold a smile than to hold a more serious expression.

Laurie Gelo

Wow. That is so fascinating. I too extend my sympathy at her passing but your family is blessed to have you in it because of the way you think and pull at the little facts together for others to appreciate. Family history is so important, I think. When we pass it on, it gives children such a sense of grounding and where and why they fit in their special place. Keep up the great work of passing on all this special stuff to your kids.

Cuz Karen

so sorry for your loss.. today I will be praying for your family. how wonderful to have the photos and the memories that go with them. thank you for sharing with us.. the family email group sounds great too.. we ought to do that for the Pennala side.. I wonder, how many would have internet?
just thinking outloud.. something one tends to do as they get older.. LOL


Great tribute, Sharyn! Thanks for sharing the photos. one small typeo, I think. Papa died at 7?...musta missed the 0.

Auntie Barb

Wow, Sharyn, that was so nice. We all appreciate the effort in gathering the pic/info & sharing. I believe you were with us the time we visited at Inez & Art's house. For some reason I remember your mom & kids plus me & kids in your big blue Cadillac. They lived on the lake at that time.

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

You are so very lucky to have these photos! I'm sorry for your loss though.



Stalker ... er... I mean lurker here (if you're wondering who the heck I am) I first enjoyed your posts on 2Peas. I too find family history fascinating and admire how you have made the connections. Now for a quick change of subject, in a recent post you were checking out car rental rates and asked for ideas. In a conversation I overheard yesterday, a co-worker mentioned that on a recent trip to the US, he found out that Alamo gives special rates to Costco members. And he said the savings were significant. Although this info is now third hand, it might not hurt to check it out.

Yvonne P

Laura K.

How cool to have these pictures! I was busy studying Ensio to find some family resemblance, until i read what you said about Tim and Henry. Boy, it's a spittin' image!
In the 2nd pic, the kids in the front row look to be all almost the same age. :)

Tonja Trump

That is so amazingly cool! You are a lucky girl to have history like that and actually know about it.


Hmmm, now my curiosity is tweaked since my grandfather was an Erickson and so was Verna, it looks like...Do you know what Erickson family she married into?


the dates and history are fascinating! where did some of the more unusual names come from?

Mary Ellen E

We have a photocopy of a picture of the Hills hanging in our entryway that must have been taken at about the same time as the second picture, except that it includes in laws and grandkids. Anyway, Tim looks even more like Henry in the photo we have. Amazing that the resemblance could last through so many generations.

Mary Ellen E

Another interesting historical tidbit... Great Grandpa Toivo Ensio Hill was in the infamous Italian Hall disaster, in Calumet, MI at the family/ children's Christmas party. This was during the mine workers strikes and just before the Hill family moved to Detroit to find work. He related a few eyewitness accounts years later to Grandma Ethel and my Dad Rick. It was quite a story to me that my Great Grandpa was at the scene of that well known disaster.

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