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March 18, 2009


Karen Greenfield

Love your use of the word 'irk' (which means to irritate..)it out....think you meant 'eke' which means to squeeze it out in small increments......but maybe having to squeeze out small moments of work does irritate the 'h' out of you. Enjoying it however you menat!! xxKaren

Deb Wisker

I have 2 days off next week-wanna stop by? Of course you'd have to start driving on Saturday to get here by Tuesday! LOL! Glad you've got more quality time for the littles. Working full time when mine were small was tough on everyone-especially me!
Allan's glasses make him look waaaaay older than 13!!!
Can't wait to see the barn & the horses-I've got more for him in case he wants to expand his operation and get into breeding and riding lessons!HA!!


What an adorable picture, the last one.


I love barns and farms and fields...


good for you torm. good for you. enjoy your time exploring with the boys. and i'm glad i'll still see you around my two favorite places on the net.

oh, and i've got an empty room here for some guests *wink* and a beautiful historical farm just 15 minutes away.

PS. we thought miss em had a bladder infection too and just went through the whole specimen thing. turned out negative. they blamed her frequent pottying on irritable bowel issues. *sigh* these kiddos need a manual, don'tcha think?


Hey...at least your class ideas get approved and you CAN teach...I think I've been fired. :(

Ann Bimberg

hey! kathleen!
i miss her. even though i hardly ever saw her anyways. now i feel like i *never* will. tell her "hi" from me....


I was just going to say "is that Kathleen" but I see above that it must be. I forgot that they moved down there.


you can come my house next week!


i did the whole refocus thing a while back and it felt really good... i only have 5 more years of kids in the house (and they are already half out as teens)

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