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March 24, 2009



My 2 cents on the belly ache issue. Eddie spent a night in the hospital in the Fall for a belly ache. I thought it was appendacitis. They ran all kinds of tests and nothing showed up. Since then, I have deduced that lunch meat, especially balogna (the greasier the worse), really bother him.


could be anything really and so hard to figure out. then again, could have nothing to do with his diet. we went through this over and over and over with ashlyn. turns out that she was having abdominal migraines.

does he have a lot of red dye in his diet? that seems to trigger belly pain for lots of kids.

if it seems ongoing for too long you might consider getting a prescription for Levsin SL tablets. they disolve under your tongue (prescription only) and take away the pain and cramping within 5 minutes.

sue Treiber

wow, your view is very different!

Ann Bimberg

you have the best tree ever. i so covet that tree.


Not sure if you'll see this post down here, since its a few days back....
Sometimes I cant check daily so Im a little behind.
anyway, I wanted to add that my sister just was tested for Celiac and she came back negative too, but she thinks it was more a wheat allergy than a gluten thing...so, she cut out wheat and now feels so much better.
You might try a wheat allergy test if you havent already.
And that tree is just beautiful.

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