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March 23, 2009


Linda Bizjak

Torm, Torm.........your postings are like a breath of fresh air!! I love it and I am laughing my head off.


I sure wish someone had been there to take a picture!

Amy L

hahahaha - So he knows the routine!!


Way Funny!!! ")


That's hilarious!!


Fast forward 40 years or so and he might be doing the same thing...for real. Thanks for the laugh.

sue Treiber

and you wouldn't do it for me!
I'm trying to picture where in your living room you are doing this.

Steph H. #1 Buckeye Fan


Torm, your kiddos say some of the funniest stuff. TFS! :)


You need to write a book. " Tormville Kid'isms".

Deb Wisker

Love it!!!!! Like my FIL used to say "out of the mouths of babes"

Jan Connair

roflmao! I will do my exercises in front of NO ONE. Maybe my husband, but that's it. Can't handle the heckling.


now that's funny stuff. i needed that laugh tonight. thank you.


Ok, that literally made me laugh out loud!!! :)


that is so funny!

Linda J

So glad I had swallowed my my coffee before I read this!:) Thanks for a great chuckle to send me off to work. - TFS!!!


can sooooo picture this!! you are funny!


knowing what dvd you are doing made this particularly hilarious!!!!


Toooo funny! :)


LOL! That's hilarious...I love seeing how kids view the world! Next time put the video camera recording and you'll have yourself a chuckle for awhile. : )

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