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June 23, 2009



Yah, got a game for three little boys that like to wrestle together in those there small examining rooms? I can entertain with books, writing and looking at the giant "snake" (drainage pipe) in the pond for a good 15 minutes, after that, the energetic three are ready to rumble! (-: I try to pull every string I can to avoid having all three of them in there together!


p.s. no comma after "yah" (-:


torm....did the doc mention that the ear infection might be causing the dizzy spells for al? if he's had fluid on his ear for any time that could be the cause. but i'm somehow forgetting the other symptoms he's had.

((((HUGS))). i think you need yourself some calgon!

Ann Bimberg

we love drawing at the doc's also. *really* handy of them to provide the paper!
lots of love to you and yours!

sue Treiber

When Ev was little I used to draw whole towns on the paper, and he would drive matchbox cars thru it. We alwasy had one or two in our posession.
Maybe now you'll get some decent rest!

Jan C.

I get vertigo every once in awhile. It can be caused by a virus, or (more recently) they've told me that sometimes a little crystal can form in a person's ear canal and cause vertigo. Usually it goes away in a few days for me, so I don't know if it's likely that's Allan's problem, or not.

Deb Wisker

Don't forget the ear problems can cause the dizziness. Sometimes fluid without infection can cause it too.
Prayers for a good night's sleep and a quick path to wellness in Tormville!!


hope you get a good night's sleep! (amoxicillin=wimpywimpywimpy)

Tina A.

I'm wishing a lazy summer day for you. I've had a few, and you just can't beat them. Hang in there.


I really like this picture.. Reminds me of babysitting (and trying to entertain) my numerous younger siblings!

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