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June 04, 2009


Kimberly Archer

Wonderful quilt. Love the pattern.


Quilt looks great!

Lori A

Very pretty quilt. I love the fabric.

sue Treiber

I am so copying you this minute.
Off to buy fabric, you enabler!


Oh I love it, love it, love it! You are constantly inspiring me on your blog... gardening, quilting, amazing photographs... you are a rockstar!


These look great! Since they're already claiming it as theirs, I think I'd opt for making two quilts. Size-wise that would make them easier to quilt on your machine and it would be fun to see how long the boys would love 'em. I'm guessing it would be longer than you think.


seriously gorgeous!

Tami Mayberry



It's going to be just beautiful! My girls are all fighting over my quilt, too, and I told them a firm no. This is my first try and it's going to be for the entire family to use. After this, assuming I like it - lol - I'll make them each their own and they can choose the fabric.

My machine still isn't here. Sigh. But I have my fabric cut out - it's on my blog. I'm not loving the colors so I'm anxious for the Paula Prass fabric to get here.


awesome quilt! will be fab when it's done!


How pretty is that! What a treasure this will be...no matter who lays claim to it.


looks like lovely progress.


It mine!! If you really can't settle on a place in your house...


gorgeous quilt!


Oh my gosh! Your quilt is coming along beautifully. I totally love the fabrics you choose. The colors are stunning!


that is incredibly gorgeous!


that looks great I just decided to start this so my fabric arrived today.


Well if you decide you need to give it away to someone...:) I love it! You're inspiring me to make a quilt now, I've been meaning to make something for our bed, I just never thought I'd want a patchwork type quilt. I think that one just changed my mind!


Ooooh! Very nice!


Good job!
You make so beautiful quilts!!!

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