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June 01, 2009


Lisa A.

Whoops! I accidentally put my comment on the previous post. I love the first picture in this post! It's amazing how the little boy's coloration and vest match the wall.

Tina A.

that first picture. awesome.


I love that 1st photo too BUT all your photos are amazing :) TFS


wow -- what a busy weekend, Torm! sounds like you are definitely due for a restful day!


So glad you're back. I was having serious withdrawals. LOL!

And thanks so much for the quilt info! I've got some fabric here at home and will have that up on my blog later today, but I also ordered the Paula Prass line. tee hee - you are an excellent enabler! And thanks to your mom, too. :)

sue Treiber

Friday was about the best day ever. Great shots, and I'm glad you survied the whole weekend!

cuz Karen

always wonderful pictures.. I just can't imagine why you are tired... LOL
rest today.. stay in that bathrobe as long as you can..


Hey. Don't forget to go grocery shopping. And make some cards before the hour of the event, okay?

[oh, and don't forget to take more STUNNING photos, too...wow!]


wow .. you must be tired!

I totally forgot it must be almost hot air balloon time!!!!! thanks for the reminder .. I need to check when your festival is. I am determined to attend this year. I wonder which will win out, determination or my not-love-of-getting-up-early, LOL.


and by "your festival", I mean "our festival". I am definitely not getting up early enough to get to yours, LOL.


you had a seriously busy weekend! WOW. I hope the move went well and that your folks made it here safely! Some really pretty pictures Sharyn!


Whoosh pretty much covers it. All I know is I need a nap after reading all you did. :o)


That has to be one of Greg's brothers. Don't know their names...


Those are some awesome photos! TFS!


how nice to see so many familiar faces, thanx, hey.

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