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July 17, 2009



Wendy looks just like the Grandma! Same nose, same smile... Looks like a fun trip!

sue Treiber

Great pictures!
Clare is not related to you? She looks a lot like Elizabeth!

Cuz Karen

Beautiful pictures as always.. I was thrilled to see the one of Pa's oldest sister.. I haven't seen a picture of her for years.. and years.. maybe since she was like 5.. I don't think I've seen her at any events. of course I've only managed a very few.. :-(
so great to see all...
family is fun..


Great pictures! I remember loving camping as a kid, but now as an adult I realize just how muc work it is, lol!

Allison W

It looks like it was so much fun! What great company.:)


Great graduation shot. And I wish I could've made it out there. Next time.


*gasp* WOWEEE. wendy & grandma. TWINS many years apart. for sure. i love being able to see such a strong family resemblance like that. i see a lot of my husband's granny (who passed away many years ago) in his 1 year old niece and it makes me smile every time.


haha! i love coming on your blog and seeing pictures of random friends of mine :]

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

You did a great job getting the photos! You should have enough for lots of layouts there!

Laura K.

Hey, there's my Brian! :) Of course i think he looks so nice, and when i showed him, he was critical of his smile etc. Now that he knows you have a camera, he won't be rushing back for coffee anytime soon! I was happy to see he made it into your company post. :)

Jill Sprott

OH my gosh, that last photo is terrific! Wow.

Kelly R

You're pictures are amazing...especially the last one.
Have a great weekend xxx


I'm still laughing at the comment about when you say no vs. when your husband says no. LOL. Kids.


love the picture of carl. those year-rounders on the lake go dunking in any weather. it was pretty chilly when you were up here. brrr.

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