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July 16, 2009


Allison W

He's too cute, and love the shortcut! I'll have to try that, now I want a smores!

sue Treiber

He is not nearly dirty enough! I don't see any marshmallow on his face at all :)


Awesome idea!

Jan C.

Whoa. Where'd the baby go, and how'd this older kid get put in his place? Looks like a shorter version of Allan.


Wow, that *is* a good idea with the cookies! Though... I always end up eating the marshmallows by themselves. That way, I can eat a good four or five of them. LOL.

Adorable photos! :D


AWESOME idea and cute photos :-) I have been on a smore kick myself (in the microwave of coarse!)


that is a fabulous smores idea...thank you for sharing it!


what a cutie-patootie! that boy is about as irresistable as smores' themselves. hehehee.

thank for the tip----my oldest loves those cookies.

Laura K.

Never tried it with the striped cookies! Will have to give it a try. We have used Reeses many times in place of the Hersheys. One day when we had no Reeses, Rog just "peanut buttered" his graham cracker first, and used Hersheys. It was a hit, and cheaper than buying the Reeses. It's a standard around here now....

Tonja Trump

What a great idea..I'm SO getting to the dollar store and trying that out tonight!


OOOHHHHHH !!! What a fantastic idea! I love Fudge Stripe Cookies, way more than graham crackers even. I might actually like s'mores now. Ohhhhhh .. or the Reeses idea above. Oh man ..


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