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July 23, 2009



Don't screech or you'll end up with a sore throat too!


oh, the ode to the messy house- I am singin' it too!

I need a housekeeper also.


I'm not sure what you use for home remedy..over here i put a pinch of turmeric in my daughter's milk & make sure she finishes it when it is still warm..& me & my husband normally do deep throat gargles with hot salty water with little turmeric in that too !!
Hope that helps Wendy..& for Markie..i know he is off dairy..umm do you give him anything to drink before he sleeps ?? A pinch of nutmeg powder with any warm drink might give him a good night's sleep !!
Let me know if these worked for you..they do wonders on my daughter :)

Amy Coose

Love the cabin, hope Wendy is better and Mark gets some sleep!!


I started a simple quilt this week and already I'm dreading the binding. Never actually done one. And I'm with you on the maid to cook and clean... always fun to dream!


WOW! That cabin is screaming for me to come live in it year round! :o) I am sorry Wendy isn't feeling well. I hope it skips all the others and you!


how beautiful!!! what a fun place to stay.
Hope the kiddos are better and resting

Ann Bimberg

depends on the Patterson....
absolutely love this shot at Mclain's.....i'll be visiting it soon! (the park, not the cabin)

Debbi Tehrani

Hi, Sharyn! Thanks for your sweet note on m layout at SC!

I enjoyed looking through your blog. Sounds like you're having a really cool summer!


Which Kingsbury? Maryn & I just finished reading one.(oceans apart) Now we are on another.(like dandelion dust)


I'm catching up on all of your posts about your trip north. Sure makes me miss home. I love this picture - the glow is perfect.

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