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July 13, 2009



The living friends comment is hysterical. Thanks for the laugh.

Linda J

What a fun, packed day you had.:) We have loved our trips to Copper Harbor and Brockway Mountain. It has been too many years since we've last been there. Hope you enjoy a good night's sleep in your own bed tonight - a good rest after a busy, fun vacation - always a treat.:)

Deb Wisker

So glad you decided on the extra day! Looks like it was totally worth it!

Kim Kesti

Stop about the Jilbert's already. Arrrghhhh.


Oohh, I'm so jealous. We're heading up for the first week of August and I cannot wait!!!! I know the time will be too short.


Good book choice, Wendy! ;)


My grandpa J. was also there in the hall and that's the story I heard about him too - that he was on the stage getting candy which saved him from the stampede. Would love to borrow your book sometime!


Great recap of the day, that sand dune spot is one of our favorites too, hoping it's actually summer up there in a couple weeks when we go. Might want to watch how much rhubarb you pick next spring. I think I've heard along the way that when you first plant rhubarb you don't really want to even pick it at all during it's first real growing season.

Auntie Barb

What a great recap of your day. Wish we coulda joined you. We are hoping to go tomorrow or Thursday. I also have your Italian Hall book tucked away. Now you've inspired me to dig it out and have a good summer read. Hope your trip home was peaceful. I had good intentions of tucking in surprises for your kids travel boxes, but never got to it. You know how that goes.
It was good to see you!!

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