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August 30, 2009



I enjoyed this so much. It reminds me of a little house on the prairie story. I miss my kids big time now.


I love it.


busy, yet so peaceful in the way you described your surroundings. that's talent.

Linda J

Beautifuly written - I love that you have such awareness and appreciation for what really matters in life.

Jennifer Sk

Sharon, you have a great way with words!
There's that saying "oh, normal day . . ."




So well written...I felt like I could almost hear the guitar. Have you ever thought about writing?

On another note--do you edit your pic's, and if so, using what software? Also, do you try to scrap all pic's, or do you scrap only your fav's? How do you store those you don't scrap? Have you found one place you like ordering from best?


You make it feel like we're there, how peaceful. What nice memories to have.

jen t

Just had to pipe in here...I'm a MN gal who stops in from time to time. Your posts are always enjoyable to read, but this one is absolutely beautiful.

Whenever I DO stop in here, I wonder why we never met--especially since we have a Heli connection, too(she mentioned you on my visits there, & I wondered about you {and now I am hoping that my memory is correct and we really haven't met. heh}). I'm glad I've met your blog, tho, it makes me smile/hymyilla:!

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