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August 22, 2009


Jan C.

Well, we are super classy with the decor in our home. For example, we hang our wet suits and towels from the wrought iron railing that surrounds our stairs and upper hall--then we just never take the stuff down until we want to wear it again.

Also, we decorate our entire foyer with shoes that we've kicked off as we enter from either the front or the garage door. Often there are several pairs per person out there. It looks super great when people stop by.

Our microwave in the kitchen is situated on our 2-drawer filing cabinet, and has xeroxed copies of the instructions on various microwave setting taped to the front.

How am I doing so far. It doesn't really compete with PJ's hanging from tomato cages, but I'm trying.

Peg Graham

Bwahahaha!!! Love it Torm.

We're so classy too...

Our 5 yr old son, Porter (who has Autism)did some of his 'art work' on the walls and we haven't painted over it yet.

DH left the old broken down grill out by the garage, because he hasn't gotten around to getting rid of it.

Our 8 yr old daughter, Carson decided she'd get back at her 11 yr old brother, Cameron by scratching "Cameron did this" on the screen out front- where everyone who walks to our front door can see it...lovely.

Our 3 cats attacked our newly purchase furniture 2 years ago and we didn't declaw them or get rid of them...instead we just live with the clawed up furniture.

Our 2 Pug dogs used the newly purchased dining room chair legs as chew toys...ditto to the above.

DH started putting laminate flooring in...has not finished and it's been long enough!!!

See...we're 'classy' too. meh!


I had to laugh b/c when I first got my license, I had that same quote on my windshield. But for me it was really a safety thing--my driving was (still is) so atrocious that hanging on was the only way to ensure you'd make it from A to B unscathed. :-) Thanks for that memory!


You're funny...but how could that sticker not make you smile when you're having a harried morning? When I have to explain to company how to keep the bathroom door closed, I realize our class;) Pull this belt, (tied around the doorknob) into the crack where it shuts, through the opposite way of shutting, and QUicklY pull the door shut. But the door is so old it is textured, and it looks really cool painted, so I don't wanna ever get rid of it:)

sue Treiber

And you didn't even mention your 'homemade' toilet paper holder (the old one)!
I love the picture of Mark and the flamingo. Made my day :)
we strive for nothing but class in our house. We are about as close as you are!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell

OMG you made me laugh! That is great! I'm sure we are just as classy - I have to think about the reasons...


ohmigosh, too funny!

hmmm... I'll have to think of why *we're* classy...

I'll get back to you on that! ;-)

Diana Albright

this is hilarious! and oh yes... we are totally classy. i even walked to the store without a bra on today (and many, many other days). so classy! ;-)

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