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August 19, 2009


Kim Kesti

No kidding about those censored photos. Yeesh. Hellllo double chin. Heh. But, thanks for the comments on Megs - she is pretty funny, that's for sure!


Thanks Sharyn!


Thanks so much for the shout out! (just for that I might have to have my mom in front of my lens more often!) and I love the photography links! It never hurts to look and learn and wish.. sigh..

Ann Bimberg

um, where i go....
for me, the computer is mostly a means to escape the reality of my day...
firstly, i check email, then some blogs, then facebook.
i rarely shop online, and usually only do if i have something quite specific in mind then i try to find a site that has it.
my kid's favorite sites are paulysplayhouse.com and nat'l geographic for kids.
sites i love are barnesandnoble.com, bookshelvesofdoom.blogs.com, and some recipe sites
i don't exercise from a site. i put a dvd in and do that.
'nuff said.
~ann b.


Yes...please share more about google reader!!! Thanks for sharing your links. Love your blog


Hi Sharyn, great list! Yeah, gotta hit up FB first everyday. lol

You can get Grant and Deb's blog in your reader by clicking on the RSS button in the menu bar on their blog. I just added them to my Google Reader and it worked perfectly.

Have a great Thursday!


I love Google reader...and thanks for the link to Laura's blog.

Sara-Jane Bunting

my first three stops in the morning are: Tormville, Cathy Z's blog and Ali's blog.
But I am also looking for a new place to post layouts, let me know where you decide to go and I might just come too :)


Laura Kastamo

Hi Sharyn, Thanks for sharing aabout my new blog! You are an inspiration to me in the blogging world and I am so thankful to have you in my 'circle' of friends!

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