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September 10, 2009



I love how you documented the whole day.
Sadly, I did not take 1 photo yesterday.
Bad mommy/scrapper/blogger :(


No, I didn`t.
I try to document 911 every year;)


By the time I remembered it was 9-09-09 it was 9-10-09. Darn. I will live vicariously through you and pretend I did it. ;o) Great day - busy and full of good times. Just how I like them. :o)


Watch on freecycle for a dishwasher...I've seen them on there before. Oh, that's right...the post would be lost in the 4000 pile. I'll let you know if I see one that is decent.

sue Treiber

I love your pictures, they made me laugh. The best is Mark in the scarf and cap. What a riot!


Thanks for sharing! I love these posts!

Stephanie H

Woohoo! I'm so glad you played. There is much more variety in your pictures than mine.

Here's the cute baby when he woke up
Here's the cute baby after I changed the diaper
Here's the cute baby laying on the bed.

Yeah. you get the idea :)

Karen Greenfield

You are SOOOOO right about pit bulls...that last dog that bit me was one and after he bit two more he was retired to a farm way away from other people. They just seem to go bad...a real puzzle. xxKaren P.S. Wendy is cuter than ever--as are the others but I enjoy Wendy stories the most!! Brian is a close 2nd.

Lisa A.

It seems as though your little boys have quite a bond! So cute!

Ann Bimberg

1) i'd be nervi of the D-O-G as well

2) love the hat/scarf boy. a good halloween pic

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