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September 17, 2009



Buwahaha! Love that. I can deal with the eye rolling if it keeps my snacks safe. However, my husband is the biggest culprit. btw Love Tupperware. Have fun with your Catalog party!


I love it!


I love it! I should give it a try myself.

Tami Mayberry

Love it! I have a whole shelf like that...one in the pantry and one in the freezer. If it is on the top shelf it's not yours and no you can't have it so don't even ask. It never fails I buy all sorts of snacks and frozen dinners for the kids and they want the 100 calorie packs and weight watchers meals. *eyeroll*


mmmm i need some new tupperware, too! have to take a peek. good luck - hopefully the note works! :)

Robyn Schaub

Priceless! And a great idea, to boot!

Lydia Jackson

Great idea, love the concequences. LOL


awesome...love this! good luck with the weight loss. i am doing it too! 40 gone....40 more to go.


LOL! I love it!

sue Treiber

funniest post ever. I may just have to copy your idea!!!!


you are quite possibly the most brilliant mother out there! ;o)


lol! what a great idea - love it!!! so glad its working and good luck!


haha! I love it!!

Pamela Young

HA!!!! I love it! :)

cori in wa

The container? Faboo when the kiddos are young but not so great with teenagers. Darn things just aren't as fearful of the momma wrath as they once were. Still works with the spouse though... he knows I'm mean, vicious and vengeful :) Enjoy your stamps and ink time... looking forward to seeing your yard sale finds!

ellen s

way to get your point across! LOL! love it.


my snacks are in a whole different section of the kitchen where no one goes. lol


I love it! Now do the Littles know how to read this wonderful message or do the readers in the house help them figure it out? What a hoot! My kids would know it was a hoax. Mom can't survive without sugar that long. :)

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