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October 10, 2009


Mary Jo

Your photos are so beautiful ;)


I loved going down memory lane with you. I miss my Ninny and Pappy's house a lot too. No sauna but they had awesome fresh vegetables in the backyard - and a chicken coop that we used to play pilgrims in.


I believe I saw "sold" on the realtor's sign when I drove the house yesterday.


thanks for the scoop, nora - I'll have to give my dad a buzz - now I'm curious. ;)


My brother went to Michigan Tech...we have lots of funny Houghton stories in our family too!


What a neat photo journey....I recognize your grandma's house from my online "waterfront" searches in the area....must have been on there because of the pond.

I love those small world stories too.


Awww. This was so amazing to read! You bet, knowing all that I would have been more sentimental about that house! :) I hope it really did sell, and that someone wonderful will love it now.

(and no kidding it must have taken you forever to type up! Thanks for doing it, I really enjoyed reading it.)


Oh...and sadly, the house we ended up buying was one of only two I looked at sans sauna. :( But, it was the right house for us. Maybe we can take sauna at the neighbor's sometime.

Deb Wisker

Great story! I'll have to do that sometime! And how did I get the #1 stalker status if Lara has been reading your blog for 4 1/2 years? If anything I think I'm only worthy of the #2 slot!


This is why I love reading your blog! I enjoy the little details and specs of life you provide. It reminds me of the joy I had in reading the Little House books as a child. The everyday is what it's all about:)


Thanks for a trip down memory lane... even if they aren't my memories. I loved reading this post! I find myself craving simpler times.

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