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November 24, 2009


Sue Thomas


Callie Hanson

sometimes Fate amazes me!

sue Treiber



oh, i have happybumps. God's timing is always perfect. :o)

cori in wa

Entirely too cool. That God? He rocks. Not much better than being able to help someone else out... and the side benefit just kicks it up a notch.

Tina A.

love it!

jen t

cousin carla is so handy! i love when things work out this way :)

and I love that blogging is prioritized over shopping (because it bennefits me? well...), because mama needs to be taken care of, too.

Christina Baker

I am so glad that more people are beginning to see the wonders of bartering. I love bartering and try to do it as often as possible. http://barterquest.com is an online bartering platform where you can barter anything you can imagine. Just last week I bartered my accounting skills for new plumbing in my office.

Deb Wisker

awesome trade! And I probably have a couple of things that will Fit Alan soon considering how fast he is growing!
The next time Kelle purges her closet there will be some great goodies for Wendy too. Even though Kelle is 5'7" she is super thin and I know Wendy will fit into some of her sweaters!
I'll keep my eye out for boys stuff. Email me some sizes when you get a chance!

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