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November 06, 2009



How nice Sharyn...When our son Dan broke his Talus bone I did a lot of research. That was way before I even knew much about the computer world. I would love to have stumbled upon a blog like yours that talked about it...Everyday life stuff to just help us through it.


Hi Sharyn! You haven't said why you're coming to Denver. Hope you enjoy our beautiful city!! I can't guarantee what the weather will be. Last week, schools and business were shut down for 2 days because of a huge snow storm. This week, we were in the 70's!! So, pack for the extremes! :)

Lisa A.

When our two-year-old son broke his femur, they were giving him the maximum amount of painkillers from the moment he got into the hospital. He jerked all night long and could never fall asleep-the first night, the nurses claimed it was because of muscle spasms. This continued for three days. After getting the cast on, he was getting Tylenol with codeine (I don't know if he was getting morphine at first or not). Anyway, I finally realized that he was able to fall asleep right before his next dose of painkiller was due. Then I would give him more painkiller and he would doze, jerk awake, and cry...over and over. Poor kid - he wasn't getting any sleep at all. He had black circles under his eyes because of it, and I was thinking "This can NOT be good for him." Finally on the evening of the third day, I decided to not give him the Tylenol with codeine. Right after that, he had a seizure as he was lying in his crib - eyes wide open and hands gripping the bars while he was lying on his back. It was very scary, but I felt that it was because he was so exhausted. I decided not to take him to the hospital, because they would just keep him awake all night again and I felt he needed sleep more than anything. I slept on the floor next to his crib, and he slept peacefully all night after that one seizure incident. He also didn't need any painkillers, at all, after that. I think his constant jerking awake was, in large part, due to the codeine and not his leg. I wrote a letter to the hospital about this experience and suggested they keep it in mind for subsequent patients. I really don't think that they were paying close attention to whether he was having a negative reaction to the painkiller.

Rita Bee

I was starting to worry because my Anthony is still refusing to walk after 5 days of taking off his spica cast (He broke his femur by just slipping on a wet floor). The Dr said the best therapy is swimming since at this early age they do not need a therapist, but I'm thinking that he needs a boost, so don't you think I need to push if my insurance covers it??

With your blog, You are extremely helpful and I can relate for every bit of information that you added. Thanks a lot for people like you.


I found this site to be extremely helpful to me! My almost 3 year old son broke his right femur March 7, 201l after a fall from playground equipment at daycare. We are now six days until his cast comes off. I have spent the last few weeks trying to get as much information as possible about what to expect after his cast comes off. It seems most sites never mention recovery and what to expect. I am so thankful you covered that aspect!


My 2 1/2 year old little boy just got out of a spica cast. Story is similar to yours from what I'm told as this did not happen when my children were at home. It happened at a family members house. My seven year old had jumped off the couch onto little brother and broke the femur bone in 2 year old. We were immediately contacted and took him to hospital where the.questions were overwhelming. My baby was hurt and there wasn't anything I could do. The ER Dr came in and asked us what happened again as he was smiling and mocking us. They told us they had to report to the police when an injury so sever happens to a child so young. We did not worry because we didn't do this to our son. Anyhow we went thru the same thing with the smell and him just being in discomfort. We had to take him back to the hospital a week after he had the cast put on because he was getting a sore above his but where we could not get to as the cast was to close to the skin. They cut some off so that helped alot and he was more comfortable. So here we are after a month of being in cast we got it removed yesterday. And we didn't expect him to just get up and walk. But the Dr did say he should be trying by the end of the day. He just acts like he is still in pain. He is moving his.foot. I felt a little better by reading your story as this has been very emotional for me. I am expecting another baby in October so I'm sure that don't help with the emotions. My husband freaks out more than I do and when I told him your story he kinda changed his mood about the whole thing. Thank you for telling people about your journey with this. As it has helped me alot. I just hope my lil man does try n walk in a few days!!

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