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January 20, 2010



how FASCINATING! i'd looooove to see his process from start to finish. does he sketch out the faces before he begins carving? oh...my favorite is top row, second from right. loooove the expression.

Amanda Susan

I like the football player looking guy and the green guy.

Laura K.

too hard to choose. Each one has something great about it! I do like #3 on the top's teethy smile! And years ago, i used to wait on #4 bottom row at Toni's Country Kitchen! :)


#2 on the bottom looks like Wally T. I like #1 on the bottom. They're all great.


I like #3 on the top -- I can actually hear his laugh.

sue Treiber

I love them all, but the green guy with the moustache looks like he istrying to pop out. I love that one.

Tina A.

#3 on the top...I love that you feel like you've seen them all somewhere. I haven't waited on any of them tho..that's great.


I like the bottom row middle one. They are all great though.


I had to put in my security password to view these. Was beginning to wonder what these balls were about. Totally Wally T, Brita. And, Laura, I see a few Toni's customers. I fave the last one on bottom, though. Looks like a sweet, somewhat simple man who'd love to tell you his life story.


I love them all, but the 2nd from the right on the top is my personal favorite. He touched a chord somewhere inside of me ;-)


I have been drooling over these since you posted them last week...love them all. My fav's if I had to pick would be the first two on the left--bottom row. Pretty sure I waited on most of these back in my waitress days too! He has an amazing talent.


oh those are so cool.

Mary Rogers

I like the Albert Einestein looking one....these are very, very cool Sharyn. Please let me know if he is ever interested in selling...I know me dh would get a kick out of them : )

Lisa A.

Bottom...second from right.


Dude, that is soooooooooooooooooo cool!!!


Way cool! Are they going to be for sale? How do I buy one?


How did he do that?!!! Can you do a post about his process to make these? What a great gift idea for your favorite golfer! Love them. I love the faces! They are all so unique and interesting. This is proof positive that there is a craft in everything - we just need to use our imagination to start something.

Personally speaking at "RaisinToast"
Professionally speaking at "Red Easel"

Peg Graham

The Lime Green one, but actually...they are all my favorites!!! Your husband is wicked awesome at this Torm!!! Does he sell the golfballs? My Pop is a golfer and that would be an amazing gift.


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