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January 26, 2010


Laura K.

What an awesome brother! We all need a Kevin around in January!


I'm glad you got all that off your chest -- nowhere to go but up now! And just a picture of Kev singin' the blues lifted my spirits after a dreary day at work.


Somethin about that picture that I absolutely love. What a guy.

Linda J

January is a tough month (and it is almost over:)). Glad your brother was able to listen and play the guitar for you too ... over the moon great. Hope that today is a better day for you.


Poor unsuspecting brothers. My little brother James stopped over last week around 3:00. "James! Would you like to stay for chili burgers?" "Sure." me:" well, I just gotta run to Wolverine market for a tomato sauce, you can watch the kids, right?" "Yeah." I did warn him that I might not come back. And headed up to Louie's for leisure shopping. ;)

Cori in wa

Hmmm, I sure would think that with a talented hubby like you've got a new desk/work station should be do-able. Scrap lumber and left over paint aren't too terribly spendy and dang, bet a new creating space would zap those blues right away!!!!

Nice little bro you've got there :)


I should add that I didn't "plan" this:P Once I got in the car, I just thought, why not?:) good thing for cell phones.


get him salt & pepper pistacios from costco. he LOVES those...he he.


feeling appreciated is so important as a mother, and especially so when you're feeling so blah. hope those blahs don't overstay their welcome...although when are they ever welcome!?

i appreciate you. and your humor. and your candidness on this blog. and it doesn't even bother me none that you can't hear. :P

Auntie Barb

I heard this (past) weekend that Kev can play AND sing....how did I not know that? And yes, that pistachio (shells) pile was big enough to be called sauna kindling.

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