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December 21, 2010



This is so awesome!!!

Cuz Karen

I totally love it.. I'm with you.. my favorite.. and a wonderful keepsake for each of them. they'll have to bring their pieces every year to the "party" when they are grown so they can re-united for Christmas..


soooo cool!! I love them!! What a clever bunch you guys are!!


I just love these!!!

sue Treiber

These are definitely the coolest keepsakes ever.
So creative!


All the cool and fun stuff is at your house! I am marveled by his work.


Love 'em -- and you made me all teary eyed thinking of your kids leaving home.


What a treasure!

Auntie Barb

I'm speechless. Give Greg my sincerest applause! I get teary (like your ma picturing three - with a space someday)...It's especially nice to know it was his idea alone.

Laura K.

wow, wow, wow and wow!!!


Sharyn, I just called the mister over to look at these. We both LOVE them! What a special, special gift.


These are awesome!! Your DH is a talented guy!


Loving it :)


what a fantastic project!




How awesome are those! And I love the symbolism...that each is an individual but they will always be part of something larger. That hubby of yours is quite the talented guy!


a beautiful keepsake for your children! Awesome work!

Nancy K

I agree with JoAnn, what a beautiful keepsake! Your kids are so very lucky to be able to have such lasting memories to take with them! My whole family was oohing and ahhing over these! He continues to wow all of us with his talent and imagination! - Can you imagine the "fighting" that would have gone on if you would have brought something like this to Avis's ornament party?! There would be talk about that for years!! LOL!

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