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January 04, 2011


Erica Hettwer

You look closer already! :)

Auntie Barb

Ha ha. You are simply amazing & inspiring. Back to the photo-spree...FORGET THE COUCH! Wendy (with her new camera) can take a shot each day of your behinder as it gets smaller and smaller & smaller!!

Patti I

I think you should change your route and go through the UP, then northern Wisconsin, then you can stop by my house! Wouldn't it be fun to have a virtual visit with me?

Cuz Karen

wow Sharyn, you should make a map of all your blog buddies and make a route that way. what fun for us all to watch you head to our town and still make your last stop oregon.. keep that in mind for another time.. great idea.

Ann Bimberg

wouldn't it be great to get stadium cheering as you bike?


I have to let you know that you inspired my daughter and I to start our own challenge. She is 14 and would love to go to Berlin. So I challenged her to try to bike, walk, or run there and we would discuss a trip. She and I are headed to the gym in a few to start our journey.

Thanks for inspiring us!

cori in wa

Hey Sharyn, looking forward to seeing you when you get to Portland. The "nice" weather ends some time in October so you might want to scoot right along :) Congrats on the great purchase AND making it fit!

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