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January 03, 2011



I like either the entryway or the couch...in fact, I LOVE the couch...and I might copy you. Although I'd be a couple days behind!

Simply Dawn

I am torn between the entry and the sink...maybe on the days when you can't be at home, you can take a picture of the entry way you are walking into or the sink you are using...that way we get the spirit of it, even if it's not at home.


The small couch! What a great idea!

lisa truesdell

i can't pick. but i love this idea!

Auntie Barb

I love 'em all, so I vote for flip-flopping between all, whatever has the most appeal for that day. I admire you. NEVER would I take a photo (TO SHARE) of the inside of my frig!! Humbling, indeed. It would be fun to see the entry change with the seasons.


LOVE the couch!!! You will have people there and that is just too cozy and cool not to get excited about. :)


I'm a little nervous that all my company is going to try to squish onto the other couch now that they know this couch is a strong possibility


And obviously, the rule with any of these, is no fussing. It has to be as is. But I do give myself the right to change the color of the paint when I get sick of it.

And Monday's are great days to start anything - you could all start today. :)


Couch. It's just so dear. Or, fridge.

Erica Hettwer



I vote for the couch if you promise not to catch me sleeping on it.


I vote for flip-flopping between 2 or 3 of them...then take a picture of whatever most inspires you that day.


I vote for the couch.

sue Treiber

I like the hallway but love the couch. I think you will capture more everyday life moments there.


go with the entry...love those shots!

gayle olson

Couch, the entry is interesting but only for a few shots, the sink...no, the frig...yikes, it is fun to see how your mind works. I am in Miami for the winter and I am thinking a shot of the ocean every day..boring. I can't be so obvious.


I think the couch is the most interesting simply because someone may be on said couch; I personally prefer photos with people best. How they are dressed and what they are doing on the couch will be fun to document!

Ann Bimberg

i like the entryway....but flipflopping is a good idea too.

Jersey Girl Anne

I like the couch but also like the idea of flip flopping between all of them.


I like the couch, but I also like the idea above of taking a photo of whatever entry you are at on that day.


Entryway or couch


I like the couch, with the entryway a close second.

Auntie Barb

Obviously, none of us wants to look at your sink.


I like them all and think flipflopping a good idea. For example, do the entryway the first week of every month, the couch the second week of every month, the sink the third week and the fridge the fourth. That way you'll have variety, show changing seasons, holidays, etc. Have fun whatever you do!


couch because you are more likely to catch people in some of those shots...and that makes it more interesteng

Cuz Karen

oh my the couch.. I'd probably do the hallway too.. but if I could only choose one.. the couch..


I'd have to say couch, but I do like the entry way idea. You are so brave to post the fridge one. Sometimes our fridge is scary! (-: The worst part is as long as there is diet mountain dew in there, I don't really care most days! LOL
p.s. I'm a project life girl. I love Becky's picture a day thing. I just started year 3 of doing that. Fun to document the every day stuff.

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