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January 11, 2011



That looks fantastic! There are tons of videos on You Tube about making furniture from the boxes . . . I wish I had known that (or seen this project) before I threw out Emma's doll's box. I am bookmarking this for Emma's sometime-in-the-future trip to American Doll Place.


beautiful album!


That is awesome (wish I was creative like that...maybe for girl #2)! Gonna be sending this link on for sure. (-:

Tammy Tutterow

OHHH! That is such a perfect idea. Love, love, love the idea! Now if I can get the girl to part with the box.


What a cool idea, I love it!!

Got any ideas for the Star Wars lego boxes my 11 year old DS insists on saving? LOL


Oh man! I wish I had seen this before I pitched all three of the boxes we got for Christmas. Oh well. Next time I'll ask you first!

gayle olson

Oh, me too! The dads' pitched our 3 boxes too. 2 of the grands did keep the bottoms for beds that they lined with cute flannel, I got a bind it all last year for Christmas and I haven't used it as I don't take time to learn how. But now I am motivated by you!

tracy whitney

that's a really great idea! wish I would have thought of that. I have three daughters, who were all AG fans when they were younger. Well, they all still love to look at the catalog when it comes, but now they're 13, 16 and 21.

~*~ Mother of 4, Kennebunkport, Maine ~*~

Thank You! Thank You! I've been searching around the internet for a way to save our American Girl boxes with out having them piled up on top of the book shelves in my daughter's room. We ran out of space so here I am! :) I can not thank you enough. This is a wonderfully fantastic idea! ~*~ Mother of 4, Kennebunkport, Maine ~*~

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